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01. There's a plane and I am flying The Killers- Why Do I keep Counting
02. For the longest while we jamming in the Party Kevin Little- Turn me on
03. I paid my last respects this morning on an early grave Nickelback- woke up this morning
04. There's no money there's no possessions only obsession Papa Roach- Between Angels and Insects
05. Young energetic famous but don't really sweat it Ne-Yo Addicted
06. Not gonna let it stress me no more Ne-Yo - Ain't Thinking about you
07. Nobody ever had a dream around here The Killers- Sam's town
08. Caught off guard all worked up the air is as dark and cold as night Boxcar Racer- Letters to God
09. This town is colder now I think it's sick of us OneRepublic- Stop and Stare
10. When this began I had nothing to say and I got lost in the nothingness inside of me Linkin Park- Somewhere I Belong
11. Sometimes I wish I was brave Boxcar Racer- I Feel So
12. Hey girl! The way you make me feel Damian Marley- Hey Girl
13. Now as the summer fades I let you slip away Maroon 5- If I never see your face again
14. I like my beat down low I like my top let back T.I.- Top Back
15. Everybody turn your cameras on Trapt- Curiousity Kills
16. Come enjoy the life baby take a ride Ciara- Promise
17. The open wound she hides she just keeps it bundled up 3 Doors Down- She don't want the World
18. You might been hurt babe that ain't no lie Nsync- It's gonna be me
19. The club was far from empty it was crowded at the entry LL Cool J Feat. J.Lo- Control Myself
20. If you know exactly what I want to do Yung Berg feat. Casha -The Business
21. One time for my freaks that know what to do when I skeet skeet Pitbull- She's Freaky
22. I'm the kind of brotha Who been doin' it my way Usher- Caught Up
23. Radio killer call the radio and tell them this your song cause I'm your baby LL Cool J feat the Dream- Baby
24. I never knew perfection until I heard you speak Maroon 5- Better that we break
25. I dream about this 16 days away 3 Doors Down- Down Poison
26. Like a gift from the heavens it was easy to tell Santana feat Chad Kroeger- Into the Night
27. Take this blue ribbon off my eyes No Doubt- Just a Girl
28. C-I-A-R-A pull up your pants just like them Ciara- Like a Boy
29. It's our first time together and I'm feeling kind of horny LL Cool J- Doin' it
30. I think you could do much better than me Hinder- Better than me
31. Tell me how I am supposed to breathe with no air Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown- No Air
32. Hold me under water you hands around my neck Trapt- Wherever she goes
33. I just need this to be alright I can't feel this another night Staind- Pressure
34. When winter comes then summer when there's no more forever Nsync- That's When I'll Stop Loving You
35. Baby love sometimes it's hard to tell you what I'm thinking of Marc Anthony- I reach for you
36. There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold (this is a cover) Foo Fighters- Stairway to Heaven
37. Just a small town girl living in a loney world Journey- Don't Stop Believing
38. While everybody else refrained my uncle johnny did cocaine The Killers- Uncle Johnny
39. I'm a sucker for you my homies always tell me I'm a fool Marques Houston- Good Luck
40. I say Still I stand shawty here I am T.I. - No matter What
41. I'm so tired of being here Evanescence- My Immortal
42. I was blown away what can I say it all seems to make sense Daughtry- It's not over
43. So hard to find you I'm standing right behind you Maroon 5- If I never see your face again
44. Slow motion for me move it slow motion for me Juvenile- Slow Motion
45. Yeah We up in the club I see her do her thang The Dream- I love your girl
46. There's a song that's inside of my soul Mandy Moore- Only Hope
47. If I had my own world I'd fill it with wealth and desire Angels and Airways- Secret Crowds
48. See my days are cool without you Ashanti- Foolish
49. Na Na Na Na Na I guess I just lost my husband Pink- so What?
50. I think I've walked to close to love and now I'm falling in 3 Doors Down- Your Arms Feel Like Home